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Here are a few free mandolin lessons for your enjoyment. This is a small sample of what is available with a Mandolins Heal The World membership. Currently there are over 200 lessons available with an standard monthly or yearly membership. CLICK HERE to become a member an enjoy unlimited access the constantly growing library of great mandolin lessons.

Making A Good Sound

This video lesson demonstrates some basic left and right hand techniques that will get you headed in the right direction. Down-strokes, up-strokes, rest-strokes, pick angle are all addressed in this video that will surely improve your tone. 

Tremolo Pt.1

The King of all mandolin techniques: The Tremolo! It all starts with being able to keep a steady down-up motion with your pick while staying in time with the music. 

Flop-Eared Mule

The Flop Eared Mule is a great place to start your exploration of the world of fiddle tunes. This one is fun and fairly easy to play.

Slow Blues Shuffle Rhythm

This lesson demonstrates a slow blues shuffle accompaniment in the key of G. A wise old musician once told me "There are only two songs ever written: one was the blues and one wasn't."

Mixolydian Mode

Not as scary as it sounds, this common mode is used in many fiddle tunes and is easier to play than it is to spell.

Uncle Bill

This is a tune that was featured in "Mandolin For Dummies" as demonstration of some early Bill Monroe style bluegrass mandolin techniques. It is a mid tempo almost swinging feel that incorporates mostly downstrokes, and playing out of the chord shapes which is an essential element to this bluesy approach.

Moveable Major Scale Pattern 1

This is one part of a series of exercises titled "Mastering The Fingerboard". In This lesson you will learn one closed position major scale pattern and move it to a variety of keys on the mandolin fingerboard. This type of exercise has many benefits including learning were all of the notes are located on the mandolin fingerboard, learning a closed position or moveable major scale pattern, and building strength and coordination in all four of your left hand fingers. 

Swing/Jazz Rhythm (comping)

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing! This video lesson covers two approaches to playing rhythm mandolin in a twin/jazz setting. One vintage or two-beat style used in swing music from the 30's and 40's along with a four-beat style used in 50' and 60's bebop and modern jazz. Comping is a term used by jazz musicians for playing chords behind the soloist. It could be considered slang for accompanying or even complimenting the soloist.

Going To California

This video had over 250,000 views on youtube. It is an arrangement of the Led Zeppelin acoustic song that featured mandolin on the original recording. This instrumental arrangement includes octave and standard mandolins and is a bit different from the original while maintaining the spirit of this baby boomer classic. In addition to the Youtube video, this lesson includes PDF's with chord charts with diagrams and picking patterns used in this arrangement.