"Music is a conversation, not a contest."

This section contains a collection of popular fiddle tunes. There are hundreds of fiddle tunes and no-one can possibly know them all, but this is a collection of tunes that I enjoy and seem to be common to the bluegrass community. These tunes  are roughly arranged from easiest to most complex so if you are a beginner, i suggest you start at the top and work you way down the list. Be sure to learn the chords for each tune and try to memorize the melody and the chord progressions as  you rarely see any sheet music in jam sessions. 

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Flop Eared Mule

Soldier's Joy

The Girl I Left Behind

Whiskey Before Breakfast


Red Haired Boy

St. Anne's Reel

Over The Waterfall

Billy In The Lowground

Squirrel Hunters

Cuckoo's Nest

Blackberry Blossom

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